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Peruvian VIRGIN Hair How To Carry Out Daily Cleaning

Aug 03, 2017

 Peruvian VIRGIN hair  How to carry out daily cleaning

Peruvian VIRGIN hair in people's daily life has become increasingly widespread, but how do we carry out daily cleaning and maintenance? Below the Peru VIRGIN hair factory with your detailed understanding of cleaning and maintenance methods.

  First, take a small pot, put the appropriate warm water (30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃).

  Second, squeeze the amount of shampoo into the basin, hand in the pot evenly, and then comb with the hair piece comb, and then comb the hair into the basin, must be carried out in the direction of the hair Rinse and rinse with warm water along the hair.

  Third, the same method with the conditioner to wash it again, you should let the conditioner in the hair to keep a few minutes, and then comb comb gently with hair, hair can be more bright, supple, natural.

  Fourth, with a dry towel will gently dry the hair piece, and to avoid hair knot.

  Five, do not use the comb scratching the hair of the roots, do not rub your hands, so as not to make the hair roots and loose base.

  6, Peru VIRGIN hair is contact goods, wearing different wash cycle is also different, like our own hair week can wash 2 ~ ~ 3 times, but usually sleep at night is not wearing hair, so Peru VIRGIN hair cleaning cycle But also different from the real hair as intensive, depending on the wear situation, 15 ~ ~ 20 days cleaning time on it.

  Peruvian VIRGIN hair knot is a very troublesome thing, we may spend a long time on this, but often also can not play a very effective role. Peruvian VIRGIN hair length is generally more than 60cm when the knot may be knot, different types of Peruvian VIRGIN hair knot situation is different, the following Qingdao Peru VIRGIN hair factory will introduce you to solve the knot problem common method.

  First, the first wash, with the Peruvian VIRGIN hair care solution or along the hair to the Peruvian VIRGIN hair sprayed, with steel comb or TT comb comb Peruvian VIRGIN hair, comb when the comb from the head down, you can first comb the surface, If you encounter knotted place, you can then spray a little care solution, and then comb, repeated several times until the Peruvian VIRGIN hair comb.

  Second, the Peruvian VIRGIN hair surface comb, you can sort out the entire Peruvian VIRGIN hair, the same way with the combing the surface, but need to pay attention to is not enough time in the comb to prevent damage to Peruvian VIRGIN hair.

According to the material to the points, Peruvian VIRGIN hair with two kinds of chemical fiber and real hair. Synthetic fiber Peruvian VIRGIN hair is made of chemical fiber made of Peru VIRGIN hair, real hair is processed by the real hair, the two compared to the real hair of the effect is better, not with the scalp response, fidelity higher.

  According to the area to points, can be divided into Peruvian VIRGIN hair sets and Peruvian VIRGIN hair piece two. Can be selected according to different needs.