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Peruvian VIRGIN Hair Wig Raw Material

Jun 07, 2017

Raw material classification:

People: the current market is the most used in China, India, Brazil, the European hair,

China hair: China is the production of wig raw materials used the largest hair, the Chinese population, hair is relatively hard, after acid treatment can bleach, decorated to the head can do modeling. In the United States and Europe are more popular.

India hair: India hair is softer, hair no Chinese hair straight, a small wave of the volume, easy to break after the hair chemical treatment, plasticity is not strong.

European hair: Europe made the color closer to the local consumer market, the current price is the most expensive raw materials, the European hair of the hair is softer, not suitable for bleaching and dyeing and post-processing, direct access to the more.

Chemical fiber: chemical fiber is a supplement to human raw materials, chemical fiber is divided into low temperature silk, high temperature silk, and protein silk

Low temperature wire: low temperature wire for the human hair curtain of a filler, low temperature wire can be heated at 270 degrees to maintain no deformation, this wire for stereotypes, reduce the cost of raw materials hair. The disadvantage of low temperature silk is flammable, after burning into a block.

High temperature wire: high temperature wire can be maintained at 270 degrees below the deformation, for the production of style.

Protein silk: is the closest to the human hair raw materials, feel the most close to the human hair, commonly used in high-end wig products do stuffing, and can burn automatically after burning, in many countries, product requirements, clear requirements, Flame retardant, many countries have occurred in the tragedy caused by wigs.

The wig of the wig belongs to the light industry manufacturing industry belongs to the hair products industry, hair products industry points: craft winding, men's hair block, women's wigs, learning head, chemical fiber hair, wig from the material points: human hair, Anthropogenic fiber 1 according to the material is divided into chemical fiber and real hair. Chemical fiber wig is made of chemical fiber, fruity difference, wearing itchy feeling, easy to react with the scalp. But the price is cheap, stereotypes lasting effect; real hair made of wig is made by the treatment of pure people made of hair, and its high degree of fidelity, difficult to knot, you can Bureau, dye, hot, easy to change hair, Qualitative effect is not very good. 2, by area points: wig sets and wigs. Wig sets are wigs worn on the head, easy to wear, solid, wide coverage area wide application. Wigs can be customized according to different needs into different shapes, different sizes of wigs, random strong, very high degree of fidelity, good ventilation. 3, according to the production method of hair extension and hand hair hair. Woven hair is made out of the machine. General mass production, low price, but the authenticity is not ideal, more Shen, poor permeability easily make hair follicles blocked, easy knot. Hand hook hair is pure hand-made from the system, high fidelity, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high. 4. from the process points: semi-mechanism hair set full lace hair sets of Jewish wigs before the lace hair sets hair lace wigs MONO wigs on the use of points: doll hair, animation wigs, holiday wigs wigs men wigs.