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On The Classification Of Wigs

Feb 07, 2017

According to materials

Divided by the materials and chemical fiber silk and real hair. Chemical fiber yarnwig is made from chemical fibers, poor fidelity, wear have urticant feeling easily reacts with scalp. But the price was cheap and effect lasting; made of real hair wig selection processed is of pure human hair, high fidelity, it is not easy to tie a knot, can be baked, dyeing, hot, easy to transform hair, the higher the price, the qualitative effect is not too good.

By area

Surface: fake hair and wigs. NET is the wig on your head, easy to wear, solid, covering a wide area of application. Wigs can be customized according to the needs of different into different shapes, different sizes of wigs, randomness, and fidelity ofhigh permeability.

According to the production methods

According to Gou Fa methods extension hair weaves and hand. Weaving hair is made out of the machine. Mass production and low prices, but authenticity was not ideal, more sedate, poor ventilation easy to make hair follicles, and tangles easily.Gou Fa is becomes pure manual hook system, high fidelity, breathable, wearing comfort, but the price is high.


Process: hand dyed, system-wide mechanism of hair, half hair, full lace NET, Jewish wigs, lace front hair wigs, hair pieces, lace.

Use points

Real people wear, models with a wig, doll hair, wig, cosplay anime wig, festivals.

From a gender

Men's wigs, ladies wigs

Length from

Long hair, long hair, short hair.

From product

Full simulation, simulation of half a head, head hair, bangs, horsetail and various shapes