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Malaysian VIRGIN Hair Hair Care Included

Aug 20, 2017

 Malaysian VIRGIN hair Hair care included

Teach you to play Malaysia VIRGIN hair piece beautiful hair for non-stop

    Hair growth and shedding, moisturizing and haggard, and diet related. Within the selection of the grain of black sesame seeds, Polygonum multiflorum of these ingredients, according to the proportion of mixed and then ground into powder, you can. Daily breakfast mixed with milk to eat, if the ingredients are cooked, you can eat directly, but pay attention to the amount. At the same time, for serious white hair patients, as long as adhere to use, will make the hair gradually black.

    Correct shampoo method

    Pay attention to shampoo products and the right order. In the product, the winter will be selected to fight the dry care products first comb with the hair comb hair, and then the hair wet, you will find the tail has become supple. And then shampoo labeled foam, wash the scalp twice. With a towel to dry his hair, and then coated with a layer of hair cream essence, massage for a while, the hair comb and then washed out. Wrap your hair with a towel and suck some of the water. And then the hair will be close to the scalp of the hair dry, hair tail naturally dry can.

    Scalp massage

    Scalp on a lot of points, after the massage is conducive to the growth of hair, to prevent hair loss and white. Massage is gently rub your fingers on your scalp. According to the natural flow of scalp blood to the direction of the heart, according to the forehead, hair, temples, head and neck, the first posterior hair of the order. Massage can promote oil secretion, therefore, oily hair massage when the force is lighter, dry hair can be slightly heavier.

    Appropriate pruning

    Winter due to dry weather, metabolic capacity weakened, hair is very easy to damage. In this case, every 1 to 2 months to trim the hair, not only can make the hair look more beautiful, but also conducive to the healthy growth of hair. Weekdays in the use of comb comb hair, so that both can remove dandruff, but also massage the scalp, promote blood circulation.

Malaysia VIRGIN hair care approach to teach you the right care of Malaysia VIRGIN hair

    With the hair loss phenomenon is more and more common, wearing Malaysia VIRGIN hair more and more, but most of the wearer for Malaysia VIRGIN hair care approach is not very understanding, resulting in Malaysia VIRGIN hair damage phenomenon endless! Therefore, the study of Malaysia VIRGIN hair care approach has become a lot of people have to learn the necessary knowledge.

    So, what is the content of the Malaysian VIRGIN hair care, how can the Malaysian VIRGIN hair take care of it? Here, we will tell you about the Malaysian VIRGIN hair care approach, hoping to let everyone can correctly treat their own Malaysia VIRGIN hair.

    Malaysia VIRGIN hair care mainly includes the Malaysian VIRGIN hair cleaning and Malaysian VIRGIN hair care, especially in Malaysia VIRGIN hair cleaning is the most important, specifically, Malaysia VIRGIN hair cleaning mainly in the following steps:

    1: Before washing the Malaysian VIRGIN hair with a special steel comb comb open, the dirt dust comb down.

    2: the Malaysian VIRGIN hair soaked in the amount of warm water (20 degrees - 30 degrees) for about ten minutes, do not rub by hand, so as to avoid hair loss.

    3: After washing, add conditioner to soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

    4: do not wring dry after washing, to the Malaysian VIRGIN hair flutter in the dry towel, said dry dry.

    5: hanging in the shade naturally dry, avoid direct sunlight, should not use the hair dryer to dry.