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Considerations For Washing A Wig

Feb 07, 2017

1, As far as possible not to go near high temperature because of the material's wig is not resistant to high temperatures.

2, Most of the fake hair can be dyed if necessary pruning can professional stylistscutting hair

3, False hair was 1-2 months cleaning 1 times.

4, Cold water or warm water washing, cleaning use normal shampoo is OK with ordinary Hair Conditioner.

5, Wash hair with a blow dryer as possible, such as high temperature wind blow dry, dry hair, gently blot excess moisture to ventilated place out of direct sunlight toavoid hair damage.

6, Don't comb your hair after washing should wait to leave hair dry and comb.

7, Use a special comb for hair (store sale price ranges) not with a plastic comb.

8, Curly hair without using a comb, where volumes once each tidy by hand can bea.