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Brazilian VIRGIN Hair Different Regional Classification

Jun 07, 2017

Wig Product Description ※ wig products from the material mainly composed of two types of raw materials, human hair and chemical fiber.

Human hair according to ethnic and different regional classification mainly in the following common raw materials

India India has become the most commonly used raw material for human hair wigs because Indian women have donated long hair to local temples to show devout customs and temples selling them to different buyers. India hair hair than China fine, shiny, often have some long stalls of raw materials, such as 30 ", 32" and so on.

2. Chinese hair, Chinese Hair, China as a large population of a country, hair raw materials are also quite rich. Chinese hair straight, generally without curvature, hair slightly rough, suitable for modeling yaki, kinky and small curvature products. There are some light color and color products are also more suitable for the use of Chinese hair production, because too thin hair after washing and other processes after the toughness is not enough, and the hair of China hair rough characteristics can overcome these shortcomings.

3. Malay hair, Malaysian Hair, mainly collected from the Malaysian temples, or sold directly by local women. Malay hair is relatively new on the market a raw material, hair supple, hair thinner, with natural curvature, can be used to make European hair style and some other fine hair style.

4. Mongolia hair, Mongolian Hair, a very rare kind of raw materials, hair than China made thin, than India issued a horse to rough, mainly used in the hand cover (Jewish cap), but because of its tough and supple characteristics, Will also be used in other cap models and products.

5. European hair, European Hair, Europe and the United States race hair collectively, hair thin and soft and smooth, lighter color, but expensive

6. Brazilian hair, Brazilian Hair, recently a popular raw material, collected in South America Brazil. Hair fluffy soft and shiny, with more natural curvature.

In all kinds of human hair raw materials, from the hair quality can be divided into two, Virgin Hair and Remy Hair Virgin Hair refers to no chemical treatment of hair, hair hair scales without any damage, in the best Of the state, the price is also slightly expensive Remy Hair is hairy damaged hair, such as blanching or through other chemical products modeling, but all the head and tail is not reversed, the hair is still in a direction.