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Brazilian VIRGIN Hair By Area

Sep 08, 2017

Brazilian VIRGIN hair By area

Brazil VIRGIN hair, C, the application is also very wide. Then Brazilian VIRGIN hair do you really understand? Brazil VIRGIN hair what classification you know? Today, Brazil VIRGIN hair to introduce you in detail!

By material

According to the material is divided into chemical fiber and real hair. Synthetic fiber Brazil VIRGIN hair is made of chemical fiber, fruity difference, wearing itchy feeling, easy to react with the scalp. But the price is cheap, stereotypes lasting effect; live hair made in Brazil VIRGIN hair is selected by the treatment of pure people made of hair, and its high degree of fidelity, difficult to knot, can Bureau, dye, hot, easy to change hair, the price High, qualitative effect is not very good.

By area

According to the points: Brazil VIRGIN hair sets and Brazil VIRGIN hair films. Brazil VIRGIN hair trim is the whole belt with Brazilian VIRGIN hair, easy to wear, solid, wide coverage area wide application. Brazil VIRGIN hair piece can be customized according to different needs into different shapes, different sizes of Brazil VIRGIN hair piece, random strong, very high degree of fidelity, good ventilation.

According to the production method points

According to the production method of hair extension and hand hair. Woven hair is made out of the machine. General mass production, low price, but the authenticity is not ideal, more Shen, poor permeability easy to make hair follicles blocked, easy to knot. Hand hook hair is pure hand-made from the system, fidelity, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high.

From the process points

From the process points: all hand knitting, the whole mechanism of hair sets, semi-mechanism hair sets, full lace hair sets, Jewish Brazil VIRGIN hair, front lace hair sets, hair blocks, lace Brazil VIRGIN hair.

Use points

Real wear, model with Brazilian VIRGIN hair, doll hair, anime Brazilian VIRGIN hair, holiday Brazilian VIRGIN hair, role play.

 From sex

Men Brazil VIRGIN Hair, Ms. Brazil VIRGIN Hair

From length to length

Long hair, long hair, short hair

From the product points

Full head simulation hair, half head simulation hair, head hair piece, bangs, horsetail and other shapes.