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Brazilian VIRGIN Hair Avoid Direct Sunlight

Aug 20, 2017

Brazilian VIRGIN hair Avoid direct sunlight

1, try not to close to high temperature, because the relationship between the material wig is not high temperature

2, if you need to trim the professional stylist can be trimmed hairstyle

3, the wig is generally about 1-2 months to wash 1 times according to the frequency of obediently wear

4, cold water or warm water to wash, wash the time with the general shampoo on OK can be combined with the general conditioner

5, wash the wig as far as possible do not use the hair dryer and other high-temperature wind dry, apply dry towels gently dry wigs on the excess water and then ventilated to avoid direct sunlight on the wig damage

6, after washing do not immediately comb the wig should be done after the wig and then combed

7, the use of wigs comb comb (steel comb or iron comb better oh) can not use plastic comb comb Oh!

8, curly hair basically do not use the comb, the volume of each place with a good hand after finishing it

9, if the wig with a long knot bad comb do not pull hard, should be sprayed with wigs dedicated non-oily maintenance fluid, and then slowly carefully

10, be careful not to spray on the wig of philosophical water, hair wax and the like really use the styling agent This will make the wigs become sticky

11, the use of wigs for non-oily maintenance solution is also very simple to use: before you gently spray a few on the wig can be) can make the wigs become supple and light and to prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moisturizing like Just bought back when the same!

12, the wig can be tied up, but can not tie too high or else their own hair will come out now Oh

13, relatively long wigs when the wig to the length of a few paragraphs, from the bottom up comb, must be light, be patient

14, in the process of finishing a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon

15, usually do not wear on the original packaging, to take the time to take it back to the original

How to take care of wigs (long hair and short hair)

1, short hair: to seize the network of the location of the buckle, up and down more than a few jitter, so that the overall flush fluffy shape.

Long hair: with a hand to hold the wig inside the network, from top to bottom gently jitter, wigs began to take care will be out of some floating, take care of a few times will not appear.

2, wig care after adjusting the back of the head adjust the buckle, according to their head circumference adjustment can be fine;

3, wearing a wig when the hand to suppress the front of the bangs in the back of the head below the pull, the net pulled the neck hair root position;

4, short hair with a comb gently comb the surface, to achieve a more fluffy natural effect;

Long hair straight hair can be used to sort out, curly hair can be taken care.