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Brazilian Straight Hair Style To Be Novel

Sep 08, 2017

Brazilian Straight Hair Style to be novel

Europe and the United States market is the main market selling Brazil straight hair. Europe and the United States market demand for straight hair Brazil has the following characteristics:

1. quality is better,

2. Style to be novel and unique

3. Must be safe, the price is second

From these points of view, the Brazilian straight hair products are fully able to meet the needs of the European and American markets. Focus on high-quality Brazilian straight hair sets and accessories R & D and production, from hair to the first set of accessories selection, from the high standards of each process requirements, have shown that the product is quality as the soul of the product.

Of the design director, 23 years of Brazilian hair design research and development experience, has developed a very popular market speculation in the industry have a certain reputation and good reputation. Design Director will launch a few weekly trend in line with the trend of the Brazilian straight sets or accessories of the new, these new with its new, stylish, unique and by foreign trade wholesalers, agents, global consumer preferences.

    Different hairstyles have different decorative effects on the face, so we often trim different hairstyles based on the face. In fact, a suitable hairstyle with the appropriate clothing to highlight the charm of women, so you more fresh and refined, as the focus of all eyes. Today, Brazil straight hair for you to show a few hair and dress with fashion. So you do not have to trim their hair at the same time, you can anytime, anywhere according to the clothing show different charm. Tide cool and simple short straight hair, if you work hard and unite side, but also has a child decisive and strong, then vividly interpret this hairstyle it! Coupled with a solid color texture of the chiffon shirt and pencil pants, feeling very neat and capable, filling the workplace strong woman style. Long straight hair is the most simple hairstyle of women, but it can give a fresh and natural feeling, long straight hair girls in the choice of clothes when you can do some small clothes in the clothes collar, wearing a small jewelry or choose the collar is the lotus leaf Or lace side of the clothes, set off their own new and natural, you can also choose to have a bow decoration to make up for their own straight hair caused by the visual monotony. Green sweater can always give a natural refreshing feeling, loose version of the type and the hip of the clothes with a pair of underwear and then fit, coupled with golden hair, and then wearing a hat, More cool enough.

 Short hair also symbolizes the vitality of youth infinite, so with the fashion No. 1 cowboy single product is also quite in tune. A lot of money to do the old Kung Fu hot denim hot pants enough hot taste, only with a white T-shirt is also enough to make people memorable.