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Brazilian Deep Wave According To Material Points

Jun 14, 2017

Brazilian Deep Wave According to material points

Wearing wigs generally do not cause allergies, but those who are more sensitive to the constitution is best not to wear. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head, had dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases, if people wear wigs, may make the disease worse, to wait for skin disease completely good and then wear. In addition, the summer weather is hot, wearing a wig adverse perspiration, so the wearer in the selection of wig should be selected good quality wig, preferably with breathable network, and should not wear for a long time.

How do girls wear wigs naturally, pretty? First of all should be their hair with a head cover, so as not to reveal their hair, especially the bangs. If you use wigs, pay attention to the color and their true color of the same, do not out of touch.

Wigs are often used to comb the dust on the wig, and must be cleaned regularly. After the wig cleaning with a dry towel dry, and then blown dry or put on the bracket to dry naturally, so that is conducive to health, but also can extend the life of the wig.

Wig collection should also be washed on the stent, to avoid folding.

Wigs belong to the light industry manufacturing industry belongs to the hair products industry, hair products industry points: the clockwork, men's hair blocks, women wigs, learning head, chemical fiber hair, wigs from the material points: human hair, chemical fiber, Chemical fiber.

According to material points

According to the material is divided into chemical fiber and real hair. Chemical fiber wig is made of chemical fiber, fruity difference, wearing itchy feeling, easy to react with the scalp. But the price is cheap, stereotyped effect lasting; real hair made of wig is made by the treatment of pure people made of hair, and its fidelity, not easy knot, you can bake, dye, hot, easy to change hair, Qualitative effect is not very good.

By the area points: wig sets and wigs. Wig sets are wigs worn on the head, easy to wear, solid, wide coverage area wide application. Wigs can be customized according to different needs into different shapes, different sizes of wigs, random strong, very high degree of fidelity, good ventilation.

According to the production method points

According to the production method of hair extension and hand hair hair. Woven hair is made out of the machine. General mass production, low price, but the authenticity is not ideal, more Shen, poor permeability easily make hair follicles blocked, easy knot. Hand hook hair is pure hand-made from the system, high fidelity, good ventilation, comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high.

From the process points

From the craft points: all hand-woven, the whole mechanism of hair sets, semi-mechanism hair sets, full lace hair sets, Jewish wigs, the former lace hair sets, hair blocks, lace wigs.

Use points

Live worn, model wig, doll hair, animation wig, holiday wig, role play.

Men wigs, ladies wigs.

Long hair, long hair, short hair

Full head simulation hair, half head simulation hair, head hair film, bangs, horsetail and other shapes.