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Brazilian Body Wave Product Process

Jun 14, 2017

Brazilian Body Wave Product process

1. On the raw materials, the current domestic more commonly used raw materials, Chinese hair (China hair), Vietnam hair (Vietnam hair), Burma hair (Burma's hair), Indian hair (Indian hair). Which China and Vietnam issued because the winding more crude, you can bleach any color, and Burma and India hair because the winding is too fine, bleaching and dyeing is very powerful, easy to break the hair, so only some darker color The 2. hairy, live hair, hair (non-remy hair) down the hair (Remy hair) to detect (Braided hair or Virgin hair), 3. also known as hair and hair, this is not how to say is literally The meaning of the hair is directly cut from the head of the braids, so that the raw material is the most expensive 4. bubble hair, bubble hair raw materials are mainly hair eggs, hair cut, etc., common mainly hair eggs, hair eggs are mainly from the head combed down Of hair, with hair follicles, but the hair is generally soft, of course, there are hard hair, according to age and country different. Which India is relatively soft, Vietnam and China issued a little harder. Hair hair scales are generally in the same direction, like a fish scale is the same as a direction, hair products hair root and hair are not in a direction, which caused the hair on the hair cut is intertwined with each other , It is easier to knot, so when the treatment to go over the acid treatment, the acid is a layer of hair on the scales removed, so the hair is relatively smooth will not knot, but the hair is not the protection of scales, life It will be reduced, so the price of the bubble compared to the price of brave and braids to be cheaper. 5. down the root Shun Fat, down the root of the raw materials and bubble is the same, that is made after the hair made hair, directly take the root machine, the hair of the hair root and hair finishing in one direction, so The scales are also along a direction, it is not easy to knot, although finishing in one direction but the process of the root of more or less will have some damage to the scales, so there is no direct cut down the braids of good quality Hair and down the difference, one is to see the appearance, along with the appearance of scales, and generally not over the acid treatment, do not have baking oil, the appearance will sometimes appear slightly boring some, bubble after a multi-channel processing, the appearance of hair bright. Second, feel, feel the tail from the beginning, very smooth, from the tail to the head, some rough, generally Shun Fat.

Bubble hair to remove the scales, no matter how you touch, basically do not knot, will appear very smooth, coupled with the bubble hair than the hair price cheap, so the general bubble to be more than the hair. 7. Product process, bubble flow process in eight steps,

The first step: feeding: the raw materials according to customer requirements separation grade

Step two: double needle: the size of the raw materials mixed evenly, with the needle, easy to dye, dyeing more uniform.

Step 3: Peracid: Peracid (hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid), to dirt, keep the hair smooth. Hydrochloric acid decontamination, sulfuric acid to scale

The fourth step: pull hair: bubble straight, and then made a very neat head.

Step five: sub-divided: by weight into the semi-finished products.

Shun Fat now to get the root machine up to the root,

Step 6: triple or deep processing: the hair curtain, or glue.

Step 7: Post-processing

Step 8: Packaging.