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Wigs can be classified as fiber quality wigs and hair quality wigs

Feb 07, 2017

First, the fiber wig

Has the characteristics of washing is not deformed, but cannot be used when washing your hands rub, otherwise there will be a phenomena that glued together. Washing method: will wig with warm water soaked Hou, put in contains shampoo of warm water in the soaking 5 minutes; in shampoo water in the light by, will dirt clear Hou, with water rushed NET bubble; will wig dip in contains nursing sent pigment of water in the soaking 5 minutes, again with water rushed NET; carrying out fake issued in towel Shang light by, sucking to water; Combs smooth, natural dry, dry Hou can recovery undisturbed. Wig before wearing, hair combs as a whole shouldbe, by wooden comb when combing tools. After wearing the large area, and makesimple adjustments.

Second, hair quality wigs

Hair is soft, flexible, authentic characteristics. But after washing will be deformed, needs to perform a cast. Washing method: hair soaked with water, soaked in warm water containing shampoo, gently rub wash dirt; using water to foam, then hair care wash carries wigs out, tap with a dry towel, absorb water; Wigs on the wooden frame, comb smooth. Coiled flower according to the need of hairstyle or hair dryerset. Hair quality wigs need to shape after each washing, according to hair's needsusing a variety of grooming tools. Most hair quality wig styling should be carried out on the shelf, but in operation should be repeated in the look at the effects on the wearer's head, hairstyles for face shapes.