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Wig material classification

Feb 07, 2017

1. Real hair

Human hair, according to the different regions, there are Chinese, Indo-Pakistanis,Russians and Europeans. India accounted for the largest proportion of raw humanhair, is also the least expensive Russian human hair hair hair closest to the European and American markets demand, and prices are very high quality.Based on the growth law of reality developed, long hair, longer growth time, suchmaterial is scarce, higher prices. Therefore, materials are one inch long and one-inch human hair strong.

About 4 ' of human hair, generally used for Eyelash products;

6 ″ ~14 ″, between basic proportional increase per kg price of human hair;

16 ' ~22 ″, between m-kg human hair price differences gradually widened;

More than 24 ″, prices are very volatile, but at a high price level.

General length of the hair, are in "inches" to compute the abbreviation ", and, in even-numbered (for example, 2, 4, 6, 8" ") for the length of a Division, no singular finished length.

2. Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is determined by chemical "ladder" or "blown" process produced man-made material. Well-known Japanese kanekalon and toyokalon. Early use, inexpensive material is PP (also called p, namely polypropylene fiber).

In addition, according to the flammability characteristics of fiber materials are divided into: flame retardant (non-flame) and flame retardant. Flame retardant and non flame-retardant currently is an important indicator for measuring fiber wig, useof flame-retardant chemical fiber can reduce the risk of a certain degree of wear,all often can see the wig package above, there is "non-flame". 


Remove outside of human hair and synthetic yarn, people often use animal hair (animal hair) to make a wig. For example: yak hair, ponytail, camel hair and so on.

These animal hair mixed with synthetic hair or human hair made products was mixed. General manufacturers not in product packaging indicating the animal hairs onthis component, but the actual production is very common.

Like a mannequin head (trainning head), specifically for hairdressing College teachers and students use, if you use real hair, the cost will be very high and is a waste,a certain proportion of animal hair, can meet the needs of dyeing hot, can also reduce costs.