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Take care of wig can't do 5 things

Feb 07, 2017

Wig in recent years of "distractions", which can easily help you shape, is also veryeasy to take care of, but don't wig for you to do the following seven things well, itwill hurt it.

1. If the bad wig with long knotted hair, never pull, wigs on special non-oily spraypreservative solution and then carefully combed;

2. Pay attention not to wig spray gel water use Hairspray, hair wax and hair like this will allow wig to become sticky;

3. The use of wigs special non-oily solution (using a method is also very simple: bring lightly spray a few times before on the wig) makes the wigs soft light and prevents static electricity, keep hair moist State like when you just bought!

4. Wigs can be tied up, but not tied too high or below their real hair will come out;

5. Long hair wig long paragraphs when you comb, brush from the bottom up, be sure to light, just be patient.