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Sometimes, Hairstyle Is More Important Than The Clothes

Apr 24, 2019
Sometimes, hairstyle is more important than the clothes

How important is hair style to a woman?Choice of a suitable hairstyle, to promote the importance of appearance and even beyond the cosmetic, high-heeled shoes or handbags.Hairstyle can modify the face and add cent for the clothing modelling, can pass character, can even affect the life.Coco Chanel said: "cut off her hair, a woman is want to change her life."Miley Cyrus cut hair later said: "I didn't think so" I ", "the rest of my life. if you want to "new", starting from here.

A square face is suitable for this hairstyle.

In general, the hair should cover part of the forehead and cheek, make the hair on both sides of the vertical, cause facial narrow and downy effect.You can use bundles and closure with the pattern of loose wave to make a wig or match your own hair.

If you are long face.

The waves of the both sides of the cheek will pull a wide face, from the vision for the whole proportion more harmonious, so bob wig is very suitable for you.In addition, bang is your good friend, can help to modify your long forehead.

If you are heart shaped face.

If you are heart shaped face, your cheekbone is wider. Bob wig can very good balance points in this problem.But if you really want to try the multi-level short hair, the result is counterproductive. Choosing some short hair can cover the forehead and cheek to make the widest parts of the face with a narrow on the vision effect.

If you are round face.

Round face need to use hair extension to make balance effect, increase the height of the top hair, highlight the outline of the lengthwise of face, is suitable for round face hair style.If you want to attempt to Bob, you'd better try to deep side.