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People according to ethnic origin and classification of different regions

Feb 07, 2017

1. India, Indian women have long hair donated to the local temple as a pious custom, Temple and then sold to various buyers, India has become a human hair wig products most commonly used as a raw material. Indian hair is fine China, glossy, often some material for a long document, such as 30 ", 32" and so on.

2. China, China, as a populous country, hair raw materials is also very rich. China direct, generally with no curvature, compared the hair is slightly rough, suitable formodelling yaki, kinky and ditty's products. There are also light and color productsare more suitable for Chinese production, because fine hair after washing and dyeing processes, such as strength is not enough, and characteristics of Chinese coarse hair can overcome these shortcomings.

3. Malay, mainly from temples to the Malaysia collected or directly sold by the local women. Malay is a relatively new on the market raw materials, soft hair, fine hair, natural curvature can be used to make Europe and the hairstyles and some other fine hair.

4. Mongolia, very rare material, the hair is fine China, and thicker than Indian Malay, which is mainly used in hand needles (Jewish wig), but due to their tough submissive nature, also used in other wig styles and products.

5. European hair, ethnic hair collectively known in Europe and America, the hair is thin and soft and smooth, color is light, but it is expensive.

6. Brazil, recent popular material collected in South America, Brazil. Hair soft and shiny, with more natural curvature.