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How to wear your Brazilian Hair

Jul 12, 2017

Every woman has a particular style and look they want to portray to best reflect who they are, a lot of women feel that their hair has to always look the best, but sometimes you can get stuck with how to wear it. Human hair extensions can be worn exactly the same way as your own hair.  Here is a wig designed and styled by BAISI hair with our Brazilian virgin hair. It not only looks good, but gives the model that sophisticated style. 

Brazilian Hair is the most popular hair extension in the world as it is well known for its strong cuticles and silky smooth texture and natural shine and still keeps it’s texture after a number of months for some even years.

Some women like the natural simple look that does not give away the secret behind their amazing hair (extensions).  Wearing your brazilian hair in a smooth straight look can bring out your features i.e cheek bones, eyes, facial shape etc. Real good quality human hair is meant to look good and as natural as possible. You don’t want to walk around with hair that looks like it just got a touch up of vaseline, with a bright glow or shine, as most synthetic hair does. But you want to pay for quality that you can wear to suit your style and your need.

Some women like the Afro look, the natural looking curly Brazilian hair that has a lot of beautiful bouncy curls. This texture look’s so good on women of darken skin tone. It can easily be taken as your own hair as it is the closest match for hair extensions for women of color.

So whether you like updo's, funky cuts, straight slick styles, short styles, afro curls etc. You can achieve these looks and a whole lot more with our Brazilian Virgin hair!

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