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How to take care of Virgin Hair?

Mar 21, 2017

How to wash your hair?

-Brush hair with a wide tooth comb or fingers
-Bundle hair (if not on head) before washing to avoid tangling
-Use organic or Sulphate free shampoos
-Do not scrub or bunch hair together
-Wash hair with warm water
-Finally, rinse hair with cold water to close cuticles
-Add natural oil while hair is wet, allowing moisture to penetrate cuticles

-Allow hair to air dry.


Why is my hair tangling?

Naturally occurring tangles caused by wind orfriction are normal, brush hair daily with a wide tooth comb or fingers. 

Other causes of tangling include build-up of oils and dirt; ensure hair is washed and conditioned regularly.

Why is my hair shedding?

Excessive brushing of hair, use of small combs,pulling hair and tying it too tight can all cause shedding. 

Cutting of the weft can also cause shedding, seal wefts with weft glue.

Hair care advice
-Keep hair moisturised with natural products such as Coconut/Argan/Almond oil
-Avoid shampoo and conditioning products which use strong chemicals such as Sulphates, Isopropyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde and Propylene Glycol
-Avoid excessive brushing of the hair, use fingers as alternative method
-Brush hair from the ends upwards to avoid tangling and damaging of the hair
-Regularly deep condition hair, preferably using natural products
-Treat the hair like your own, if split ends form, trim them
- Avoid excessive use of heat. When applying heat to the hair use heat protective sprays

-Use a satin head scarf or satin pillow case when sleeping. Cotton dries out hair and causes friction.

Can my hair be dyed and bleached?

We(BAISI HAIR) ONLY sell 100% Virgin Human Hair therefore the hair can be dyed and bleached. 

The dying process, especially bleaching is damaging to the hair,So pls keep hair moisturised and avoid heat,the hair will be softer and softer,silker and silker!

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