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How To Keep Your Hair Straightened

Apr 11, 2019

How To Keep Your Hair Straightened



You've no problem straightening your hair; getting that part down was easy. You look in the mirror, see that your hair passes the test, and walk out the door. But when the night is over, you walk back in and all of a sudden instead of you it's a frizz monster in the mirror looking back at you.


Method 1 The Basics

1 Grow your hair long. It's science -- the heavier your hair is, the more it will straighten out under its own weight. So if you want naturally straighter hair (not straight, straighter), grow it out. Shorter hair has more of a tendency to curl up.

2 Invest in a good blow dryer. The only reason those salons that only do blow-drying (seriously?) exist is because very few of us own a good blow dryer. It may seem silly, but "ionic" may not just be a marketing ploy. If you see it on the box, buy it. It may prevent further hair damage.

3 Nail down your blow-drying technique. You may think there's one way to blow dry your hair: point the blow dryer at your mop and go. But there's actually more to it to that and it's important that you do it correctly.


Method 2 As You Straighten

1 Wash your hair and blow-dry. Use your shampoo, conditioner, and straightening serum and follow your normal routine of lathering up. Bust out that nice hair dryer you just bought, the round brush, and get to work, starting from the nape of your neck.

2 Brush your hair out with a comb. This step may not be necessary if your hair responds well to blow-dryers and brushing. But if you have rather curly hair and tangles are common, give it an extra comb-through.

3 Straighten your hair a small section at a time. You may think you're saving time in the long run, but when you take large sections, you just wind up going over them again. Keep your sections to about 1" (2.5 cm) wide to get a more uniform, straightened-for-longer look. And you won't be exposing the strands to heat over and over -- just the one time.

4 Apply product. You've invested in a good hair dryer and a good flat iron, so it's high time to invest in some good products. Get a hair spray you know you like and some anti-frizz spray or gel that contains silicone.

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