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How to Install Water Wave Lace Front Wig | Stocking Cap Method

Aug 06, 2019

Get a super natural water wave lace front wig but did not know how to perfectly install it? Here we will show you how 

Things you will need:

VIPbeauty Indian Water Wave Lace Front Wig Human Hair

Stocking Cap

Got2b Glue

Air Dry


contour palette

Wide-tooth Comb


How to Install Water Wave Lace Front Wig?

Step1.Braid  your natural hair and put the stocking Cap up.

Step2:Spray Got2b Glue to the front of the stocking Cap and the around of your ears.

Step3:Use ir dry to blow dry the glue with cool air.

Step4:Use scissor to cut the extra part of the stocking cap that is not necessary.

Step5:Choose the color that  fits your skin color from the contour palette,apply it to the front part of the  stocking cap.

Step6:Put your water wave wig on and tie it up in the back of your head and apply the first layer of gel to the front of your head.

Step7:Use Air dry to blow dry it.

Step8:Apply the second layer of gel and blow dry it again.

Step9:Pull your water wave wig forwards and use comb to press the front of your water wave hair strands. That way the hair wig can be attached to the gel more natural and tight.

Step10:Use a scarf to tie the front up to make the hair  front more natural and loose it after 5-10minutes.

Step11:Use tweezers to pluck the front hair line to make it look more natural.

Step12:After plucking your hair  line,loose your water wave human hair wig, and use brush to apply some fountation from contour palette to the hairline.

Step13:If you wanna give your water wave lace front wig human hair a wet look,you can apply some mousse to the hair.

Step14:Apply some water and use brush to make your hiar edeges.

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