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How to Cute Hairstyles For Black Women with Wet Water Wave Hair?

Aug 06, 2019

How to Cute Hairstyles For Black Women with Wet Water Wave Hair?

After you playing  from the pool or beach,it doesn’t mean that your hair has to resembles a creature from the sea. You can   look great no matter your hair is dry or wet. All you need to do is Just whipping your Wet Water Wave Hair into a fashionable hairstyle in only a few minutes. You might just need only a few items just like  hair ties and bobby pins, but with these items and  the  haistyle you made in a few minutes, you can be a beach princess.Here ,we will show you How to Cute Hairstyles For Black Women with Wet Water Wave Hair.Let’s start.

Things you will need:

hair ties

bobby pins


hair gel

hair spray

Water Wave Hair Wig

How to:


1.Put all your wet hair completely back. Use finger to brush out the sides and ends well.
2.Comb a four-inch section of your hair from the top of your head backward and secure with a bobby pin.
3.Take a small section from the left side of your head over the center. Be sure you finger comb this out well,taht way it can be smooth and held tightly to the middle. then Secure it with the  bobby pins your prepared.
4. Take a small section from the right side of your head over the center and use  a bobby pin to v it. Continuing Repeat this process  at least once or twice.

5.Secure overlapped layers with colorful bobby pins. The pins will be more for decorative  that go for something cute.And now you Finished this super cute half up and half down wet water wave hair style.