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Oct 10, 2019

You know how you cannot seem to find the hair color with the right amount of sanity and drama? Because it’s either too safe and boring or just straight out there screaming “I’m insane”. Honestly, for black women, sometimes you cannot just get it right. Then again there’s the problem that some colors may just not sit right with your skin color and you’d end up looking like you’re not in sync with your hair. A lot of times, it’s this worry that just banishes us to the routine we endure. However, granted that you’re scared of having misplaced colors on your head, a guide is necessary to navigate this path. Your skin color should not inhibit you from trying out all the cool colors you have always admired. So let’s run through black skin tones and some hair colors that suit perfectly.

How To Know If The Hair Colors Go Well With Your Skin Tone?

So your dark skin could range from light brown to medium to straight-up dark brown and for all these shades of dark skin, there are a number of colors you could explore. It’s quite easy to know the colors that could go well with your skin tone.

You could use dresses or jewelry as a major indicator. If the color of the dress looks good on you and blends with your skin tone, chances are it will sit well as a hair color. Same goes with the jewelry. If it makes your eyes pop out right in whatever color, whether gold or silver, it would make a great combination as a hair color. Oh, and you could just get golden highlights on a brown base if you don’t want to be golden-headed. When choosing colors, the aim is for colors that are darker or lighter than your skin color so that it creates a contrast which accentuates your facial features.

Hair Colors For Light Brown or Caramel

For women with light brown skin tone, different shades of brown would do a lot. You could try highlights or low lights and you’d still look good. So caramel, light brown and even auburn colors would look beautiful on a light brown skin tone. If you want to explore and try out something with drama, then you could try out baby blue hair color or full red tints. The silver highlights on the baby blue would definitely make you age backward.

Hair Colors For Medium Brown For women

with a darker shade of brown, a lot of colors could be played with. Blonde for example could be modified in different ways and it would still fit. You could go honey blonde or reddish blonde or even champagne blonde whether as a full head tint or just highlights in waves. You could also incorporate burgundy into the mix. If you’re feeling a bit fun, you could try the copper red color for a more relaxed and dramatic look.

Hair Colors For Dark Skin

A lot of colors would naturally contrast a woman with dark skin but that also means it could turn out beautiful. For women who can be classified as having the chocolate skin tone, blonde contrary to popular opinion could create the perfect contrast and turn out incredibly beautiful. Whether in highlights or full tints, blonde could be a suitable color for dark skinned women. Where you want to break out and try more exciting colors, you could try out lavender blue, silver, grey and even purple colors. These would make classic highlights. 

3 Color Categories To Go

All these colors however suitable may not still quench your hunger to change your hair color every 2 to 3 weeks, which is why a color wig is always recommended. Whether they’re in color or just natural, they could save you the hassle of getting different hair tints and highlights on your natural hair whenever you feel like it. So there are basically three categories here. There are natural colored wigs for people who love to maintain the status quo, there are other colors for people who don’t want so much drama and there are colors that can just scream out your personality from a mile away. So here are some natural and simple hair colors for women with dark skin. These dark shades of brown wigs are suitable for black women no matter the skin tone.

If you’re looking to try something fun but not so out there, check out the colors below. They’re not too safe but they aren’t loud either. They just tick the box perfectly. These ombre wigs and copper red colored wigs would go perfectly with the right amount of drama on dark skinned women.

If you are looking to wear your heart on your sleeves, well more like on your head, you could go for some of the ones below. They are bold and speak confidence anytime. It would be more like wearing your personality on the outside because you’d be stereotyped a lot. However they are the perfect colors for a vacation or a weekend getaway, someplace not so serious that you could have fun. So there’s ombre blonde wig with highlights to frame the face, there’s a Bobbi colored wig and there’s a black with blue highlights.

Sometimes finding a perfect fit when it comes to hair colors could be easy, at other times it is like rocket science because you’re worried it may not blend in with your skin, it may look too slutty or too safe or at other times there’s not the right amount of confidence to rock the new hair color. Whatever it is, knowing exactly what your skin tone is and what shade you are could go a long way in convincing you on what color to pick. Most importantly, if you do not like it in the salon, you definitely won’t like it at home.