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How to choose a wig dyes

Feb 07, 2017

Selected good wig wigs are often difficult to find the right color. You may want towig for you exactly match the color, you may want something a little more do notknow what to choose. Don't be afraid – once you know what you're doing, you dyed your hair into almost any needs you like the color or shading.

Wig dyes there are many ways, but you should be careful, avoid buying dyes containing bleach because they will make the hair more fragile, and shorten the life ofyour wig. While you should always wash your wigs dyed dye, frequent washing canlead to hair dye fade.

Dyeable acrylic all the types, but in order to take complete control of the color youneed, better start with white dye. If you choose a wig style slightly longer than youwant, you can cut the fat used to test the dye. In addition, you can buy a cheap lowquality wig-even though they don't look good, but to test the dye is enough.

Wig dye the easiest method is to use regular hair dye. Dye a synthetic wig, although may not get the effect you want. Or use natural dye, they will make your naturalhair, even if you're not regularly washing a wig.

Wig dye easier way is to use acrylic paint or acrylic ink. The former will give you awider range of colors, but be very careful, it can easily lead to wig agglomerate, make the wig look very fake. The latter are more likely to have the effect.

Do you use acrylic paint stain a wig and put a pint of dye to one half and a warmbowl of warm water and add dyes over a period of time, mixing thoroughly. All acrylic paints can be mixed without problems.