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European hair products industry consumption and future forecast

Feb 07, 2017

European is sent products industry of birthplace, sent products wearing history long, market mature, consumption groups big and stable, so is sent products of important consumption Center, European sent products consumption market than American and African market small, but to white of fashion consumption (NET and clip sent) for main needs, its general consumption grade high, except black daily using of clockwork products outside, most for white high-end products as fake net, and kazifa,. Although the economic impact of the European debt crisis, but as the economy recovers, demand is expected to steadily rise in future years.

In recent years, European hair products consumption and imports are also growing, but growth is slow in North America, from 2008 to 2012 the average annual growth rate of total consumption in Europe is 12.65%. Therefore, the next 5 years, theconsumer market in Europe will grow at a speed of 11% by 2017 hair products consumption in Europe will total US $1.94 billion.