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May 02, 2017

Lace Closure

A closure is basically a small section and it can be used with weave installations. You can sew it on to your actual hair, sew it on to your braids and you can also adhere it down using a glue or tape adhesive, adhere it down at the hairline. And what a closure does is it gives you the ability to have versatility with your installation by being able to part it to get a natural look while having a full installation. So this is great for those who want a full protective style or a full installation and wants to be very minimal of their hair out or leave none of their hair out at all but you still want the versatility of being able to have the look of a natural part.

The lace closure meaning that the individual strands of hair are attached to a lace base. It does give a natural look. You can get a natural look with lace.Many customers prefer lace closures.

Now with lace closure you're going to have to do some tweaking in order to get the most natural look. So you're either going to have to bleach the knots on the closure.

From above picture where the strands of hair are attached you can see the knots. The knots usually give a grid like effect or grid like look or they look like ants on a log and you don't want that. So you're going to have to either use hair bleach and bleach the entire base of the lace closure or you can just bleach sections, just parts. You can do parts if you know you want a middle part, you can do just a bleach part down the center or down the side depending on how you want your part if you don't want to bleach the entire closure or you can pluck some of the hairs out of the closure just to try to make it look more natural. Or you can add concealer or foundation to your parting and those are the things that you're going to have to do in order to tweak a lace closure to get the most natural look.

When you zoom in on them they are quite visible and you can see that grid like look or the ants on the log and that’s the look that you get with lace closures without bleaching them or putting concealer or tweaking them to make them look more natural. You're going to get that grid like effect and you're going to want to cover up that grid so that it looks more natural.

And with lace closures you can also add a flesh tone fabric to it underneath just so that you can give the illusion of a more scalp like base if you would like.


Silk Base Closure

Now next it is the silk closure. And with the silk closure it has a layer of silk which the individual strands of hair are embedded into the silk and then it also has a layer of lace. Now with silk closures the knots are not visible because they are embedded in that layer if silk. So you can see this definitely gives more of a scalp like appearance.

You can see that it has a much more natural appearance because you can't see the knots at all. All you see is the parting or the faux scalp or the scalp look. Again with both of these closures, you can part them anywhere. You can part them down the middle, down the side. You get freestyle parting through out the entire base of the closure. Now with silk closures you're not going to have to worry about bleaching the knots or anything like that. Silk closures are a bit more no muss, no fuss. You don't have to worry about bleaching them or adding any fabric or anything like that underneath. The thing that you may have to do depending on your scalp colour with silk base closures is you may have to actually tint or dye the silk base so that it mimics your own natural scalp. If you have a deeper complexion or a darker scalp colour you're going to want to go ahead and tint the silk either by using tea bags or using coffee or you can use a semi-permanent hair colour to go ahead and get the base colour to mimic your scalp colour. So that is one thing that you may have to do with silk closures.

And with silk closures since it is a combination of the lace and the silk, you do have an area here which is about a quarter of an inch where there is no silk so you can see the grid on that. You can see the tiny bit of grid there in the front and this is the area.

It’s about this wide and it's here where there’s no silk and you can the grid in that area. That's something to take into consideration with the silk closures.

So with both silk and lace they are definitely pros and cons and it's really going to depend on your own personal preference.

I think you can't go wrong with either, either a lace closure or silk closure would be great if you're trying to do a full protective style and you really want to give your leave out a break. All of our closures are made with virgin human hair.Again before you purchase anything you want to make sure to just do your research and make sure that whatever product you go with is going to work for you and be exactly what you're looking for.